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Dynamic Facilitation

A facilitator helps raise the quality of thinking and talking in meetings. The dynamic facilitator seeks a particular quality of talking and thinking that "goes with the flow" more than the traditional facilitator, "choice-creating" rather than "decision-making." This allows people to address more difficult, messy, emotional or impossible issues. In a dynamically facilitated meeting people can just speak their minds and hearts without agreements ahead of time. They can just start talking and quickly find themselves being respectful, collaborative and creative together, reaching unanimous conclusions that work for all.

The best way for a group to solve a difficult problem or reach consensus is to have a breakthrough. When this happens ...

• It's fast and easy to reach consensus.

• The results are win/win — better than anyone thought possible.

• Each person feels brilliant and involved, knows what to do, and is committed to helping.

• The thinking process builds individual capabilities, enthusiasm and empowerment.

• The group builds trust and the spirit of community.

Ordinary meetings and traditional facilitation practically eliminate the possibility of breakthroughs. They seek to control progress, mute passion and rationally proceed step by step. With Dynamic Facilitation people make breakthrough progress just by being themselves.

Dynamic Facilitation Skills provide a way to dramatically raise the level of collective intelligence and collaboration and opens the door to new possibilities. options for mediation, consultants, The dynamic facilitator reframes the flow of the conversation so each comment becomes an asset to the group and builds toward shifts and breakthroughs. With Dynamic Facilitation skills you empower people to solve impossible to solve issues because you bring out a quality of thinking called