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PT Co-op Wisdom Council #1 - 2/26/05


Statement #1

We love The Co-op. Here is what we’re passionate about:
We love...
- the little carts –kalamata olives -English Stilton
- raspberry kefir -beautiful vegetables -thick sliced oats
- spices prices
We love...
The wonderful and essential relationship with local growers.
We love...
That everyday there is something new in the alcove,
We love...
The gardens outside
How the vines will enclose the walls
That the planting and tending is done with love
We love...
- the old world market feel -co-op as commons -connections
- shopping with mindfulness -the caring of/for organic healthy foods
- socializing -”going to market”

It was a bold move to relocate The Co-op to its new home. The move enabled
the Co-op to grow and thrive.

Statement #2

As owning members, we feel that all members need to have access to the
Co-op financial and business structure and related issues.

We request the Board make the following information more readily available
to the membership:
- the conditions of the lease
- possibilities of purchasing building
- salaries of management (itemized)
- wage structure of the employees
- consultant fees (itemized)
- future plans/vision
- how profits are used
- employee turnover rate/ why ?/ how to improve?
- the business plan

We suggest ongoing transparency and improved communication between members
and the board by these means:
-bulletin board
-quarterly newsletter
-web site
-annual report
-have a monthly flyer:
be available at the register
include upcoming board topics
minutes from board meetings
combine with the current calendar (member relations is putting out)
include alcove events

We believe this would encourage more active interest from members. As we
are the “top of the flow chart”, we need to be privy to all the information
we requested so that we can do our job as members. We, as members of the
co-op and wisdom council would like to be mailed the requested information
with opportunities for further communication.

Statement #3

We feel it is valuable to eliminate co-op numbers as an open identity.
To do this we suggest:
1. Co-op cards are given out consistently with the option of being
2. New members and current members are educated that they may use their
card at the register rather than verbally relaying it.
3. Cashiers are informed of this change and asked to request member card
or number at check-out.

Statement #4

Wisdom Council “Mission Statement” for The Co-op:

The Co-op serve as a model and resource in educating its members about healthy food choices
- so we can heal our environment. To do so we suggest:

1. The Co-op prioritize buying locally as much as possible.
2. The Co-op provide healthy food to be available to those who cannot
normally afford it. Specifically, we request that the Co-op
provide healthy staple foods (perhaps 30 items) at the lowest
possible price. We suggest considering a subsidy to support this.
3. Education become a higher priority in the following categories and ways:
a. board members
b. employees
c. Members
-extend resources to teachers to educate children on basic nutrition.
-invite teachers to classes
-offer classes on preparing foods, specifically those basics that are
being made more accessible.

4. The Co-op, to the best of its ability, buy foods that are the safest,
and obtain as much information as possible on existing testing.
5. The deli prepare foods that are simple, tasty, cost effective and cater
to the worker (available at am, lunch, dinner and be able to pay
quickly - possibly by a weight system.)

Statement #5

Our vision for the Food Co-op is the Co-op create and serve as a commons for
the community that includes a permanent place for the farmer’s market, fish
market, a bakery market and an organic gardening center.
To help bring this vision into a reality, we suggest:

1. Buy the building! Now, to take advantage of low interest rates.
2. Co-op provide its own credit card for members and community to create
additional revenue.
3. Provide a car washing service at The Co-op.