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1) Democracy in America -- VIDEO (22 min)—In November 2003 three people from the Rogue Valley in Oregon heard Jim give a radio interview on their local NPR radio show, The Jefferson Exchange. After contacting Jim, they decided to meet one another and to try an experiment with the Wisdom Council. Joseph McCormick, a former conservative Republican politician, filmed the event and created this 22 minute documentary, Democracy in America, which is available as a streaming video.

2)Campaign to Reunite America with Joseph McCormick -- Audio (27 min) 1/18/06 —Jim Rough interviews Joseph McCormick about his amazing work in bringing high-profile people from the Left and the Right together. Joseph is the producer of the "Democracy in America" video below. One plan is to create a national Wisdom Council that brings its report to one of the gatherings of "Campaign to Reunite America."

3)A New Civic Participation Process-- Audio (29 min) 8/22/05 —In most of the shows the Wisdom Council is described in terms of how it would transform the existing system. In this episode of "The Jim Rough Show" , Paul Everett interviews Jim Rough about the non-transformational aspects — how the Wisdom Council would enhance the existing system.

4)Is this the Holy Grail? -- Audio (28 min) 1/12/05 In this interview on "The Jim Rough Show," Paul Everett and Jim consider transformational aspects of the Wisdom Council. "Is this the Holy Grail?" helps convey the extent of the "good news" that seems likely from this social invention.

5)Port Townsend Food Co-OP Wisdom Council #1 -- VIDEO (15 min)—In February 2005, the Port Townsend Food Co-Op held it's first Wisdom Council experiment randomly selecting nine people from it's membership. This fifteen minutes illustrate how the process can work -- how randomly selected people can reach wise conclusions, how they enjoy the experience, how other members can resonate with the conclusions, and point toward amazing eventual benefits as the process continues. (See the Statements of the first PT Co-op Wisdom Council.) Getting the word out is the key next step.

6) The Wisdom Council in Neighborhoods -- Audio (27 min) 1/4/06— Greg Saville, Crime Prevention Consultant, interviews Jim on how the Wisdom Council can empower neighbors and neighborhoods.

7) Global Transformation with Richard K Moore -- Audio (30 min) 2/24/04— Richard is a global activist from Ireland and author of the powerful new book, Escaping the Matrix.