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The Jim Rough Show

Society's Breakthrough! by Jim Rough describes a deep systems change that would positively affect nearly any issue that can be named. The Jim Rough Show is a 30-minute community-access TV show that demonstrates how this can be. Usually, Jim is interviewed by a guest host, someone who is deeply concerned about a particular problem in society, like the economy, heath care, or war. He or she challenges Jim on how the Wisdom Council could transform this issue.

Jim Rough Show -- (PTTV ... see www.ToBe.net)

72) Port Townsend Food Co-Op Wisdom Council Experiment (Rene’ Tanner 4/4/05)
71) “Corporatocracy” vs. Democracy (O’Kelly McCluskey & Jack Wells, 3-1-05)
70) Public Officials and the Wisdom Council (Kristen Anderson, 2-2-05)
69) Is this the Holy Grail? Comprehending Society’s Breakthrough (Paul Everett, 1-12-05)
We don’t explain the WC right away .. but kinda get into it. This is a great show,though, re: Faith A and Faith B. Talking about denial and really getting into the core of SB.
68) Twelve Principles of the Wisdom Council (DeAnna Martin, 12/13/04)
67) Challenging the Corporate Paradigm (Paul Everett, Systems Consultant 11/29/04)
66) Challenging the Paradigm #2 (Paul Everett, Systems Consultant, 11/1/04)
I think this was the one that wasn’t so hot sound-wise
65) Challenging the Paradigm (Paul Everett, Lean Systems Consultant, 10/4/04)
64) The System (Larry, Dennison, former County Commissioner, 9/13/04)
63) Oppressive Legal System (Bob Sokol, Port Commissioner, 8/23/04)
62) Wise Economics (Paul Everett, Lean Systems Consultant, 7/21/04)
What are the necessary changes so our economic system makes collective sense? How is this different that socialism? capitalism? etc.
61) Telling Ourselves the Truth (Jed Bothell, Concerned Citizen, - 6/28/04)
60) Take Back Your Time (Jim Rough interviews John de Graaf, PBS Producer and Author of Affluenza, 6/7/04)
59) Corporate Monitoring Project (Jim Rough interviews Mark Latham, Director of the Corp. Monitoring Project, 5/4/04)
58) Bridging East and West-- Wisdom Council (Kim Rotchford, M.D., 4/13/04)
57) Community Dialogue and the Wisdom Council (includes 22 minute documentary Democracy in America) with Richard Berg, Community organizer, 3/31/04)
56) Global Transformation (Jim Rough interviews Richard K. Moore, Global Activist from Ireland, 2/24/04)
55) Wisdom Council in the Dept. of Agriculture (Linda Condon and Jeff Larsen, WC Organizers, 1/27/04)
54) Our Democratic Birthright vs. Corporate Power (Mary Zepernick, Director of POCLAD, 12/10/03)
53) Choice-creating: Transformational Thinking-Part 2 (Les Emery, Mythological Psychologist—11/5/03)
52) Choice-creating: Transformational Thinking-Part 1 (Les Emery, Mythological Psychologist—10/22/03)
51) Understanding Dynamic Facilitation (Les Emery, Mythological Psychologist—9/23/03)
50) Mythological Perspective-Society’s Breakthrough (Les Emery, Mythological Psychologist—9/3/03)
49) Education–Out of the Box (George Lindamood, Former Director of Information forWashington State and School Board Member—8/6/03)
48) Education ... Wisdom Council Skeptic- (WC in High Schools with George Thomas, former Xerox executive and School Volunteer - 7/2/03)
47) "Breakthrough Economics" with Jeff Smith, Author, plus Tom Greco, Author. 6/23/03
46) Criminal Justice System and the Wisdom Council (Ben Critchlow, Public Attorney—5/27/03)
45) Healing Homelessness (Rango Eravo, Homeless Person—4/28/03 )
44) Beyond War (Eve Rosenbloom, Artist and TV Host—4/9/03)
43) The Fast Forum Foundation (with Dick Spady, Founder of Dicks Drive Ins and the Fast Forum Foundation,—3/19/03)
42) Guerilla Wisdom Councils (Rand Daley, Consultant—3/3/03)
41) Healing the Environment (Karen Barrows, Environmental Scientist—12/9/02)
40) Healing Healthcare (Jim Ewing, International Consultant—11/26/02)
39) Overcoming the Breakdown of Big Cities (Karen Barrows, Environmental Scientist—11/5/02)
38) Dynamic Facilitation (DeAnna Martin, Director of the Center for Wise Democracy—9/3/02)
37) Creative Response to Terrorism (DeAnna Martin, Director of the Center for Wise Democracy—8/6/02)
36) Transforming Local Democracy (DeAnna Martin, Director of the Center for Wise Democracy—7/9/02)
35) Energy Use Systems (with Donatis Kinderas, Inventor—6/18/02)
34) Society’s Breakthrough! Introduction (DeAnna Martin, Director of the Center for Wise Democracy —5/21/02)
33) Intuitive Healing (with Alma Parks, Healer—4/30/02)
32) Happiness (with Rhonda Hull, Public Speaker—4/12/02)
31) Our Role as Citizens (with Mary Lou Findley, Professor and Author—3/19/02)
30) Adlerian Psychology (with Bob Powers, Author and Professor of Adlerian Studies—2/28/02)
29) Democracy and Citizen Deliberation (with John Gastil—2/5/02)
28) Genetically Engineered Salmon (with Lisa Ramirez of Friends of the Earth—1/15/02)
27) Citizens Initiative Review (Ned Crosby and Pat Benn, Founders—12/04/01)
26) Genetically Engineered Foods (with Craig Winters, Director of The Campaign—11/12/01)
25) Meaning in Work (with Misha Dorfman and Paolo Coppa, Antioch Students—10/01)
24) Whole System Governance (with Robert Gilman, Author and Editor of IN CONTEXT—9/25/01)
23) Compassionate Communication (with Jorge Rubio, International Trainer of Non-violent Communication—9/14/01)
22) Soma Neuromuscular Integration (with Aric Spencer, Teacher and Practitioner of Soma—8/14/01)
21) Ethical Leadership (with Evelyn Correa and Pat Hughes, Center for Ethical Leadership—7/10/01)
20) Soul of Salmon (with Tom Jay, Author and Sculptor—6/12/01)
19) Hidden Viruses (with Jennifer Walton and David Riordan—5/1/01)
18) Combat PTSD (with Bill Maier—4/10/01)
17) PTSD (with Viva and Bruce Tapper, Psychiatrists—3/20/01)
16) Non Violent Communication (with Pennie O’Grady, Practitioner of Non Violent Communication—1/16/01)
15) Motivational Speaker (with Rhoberta Shayler, Author and Speaker—12/26/00)
14) Social Entrepreneur (with Mike Murray, Former Director of Microsoft Corp.—12/5/00)
13) Global People’s Assembly (with Dick Burkhardt—11/1/00)
12) Transforming Schools (with Jerry Christensen, Former Principal and Educational Consultant—9/12/00)
11) On Becoming a Wise Society (Jim Rough, Speaking at the Unitarian Church 8/20/00)
10) Local Police (with officers Robin Biffle and Connor Daley—7/25/00)
9) Boiler Room “Kids” (3 ‘kids’ from the Boiler Room—6/13/00)
8) County Administrator (With Charles Saddler, County Administrator—4/11/00)
7) Social Philosopher (with Tom Atlee, Author and Founder of the Co-Intelligence Institute—3/7/00)
6) Wisdom Council Project (with Adin Rogovin, Director of the Co-Intelligence Institute and Center for Wise Democracy—2/20/01)
5) A Review of the Wisdom Council Mini-Demo (2/12/00… Danie Hulett, critic, and Jane McCoskell, participant).
4) Mini-demo of the Wisdom Council (1/21/00—In 2 hours on Port Townsend TV, Jim Rough dynamically facilitates a randomly selected group of 7 citizens to reach consensus on the controversial issue of chain stores moving to town.)
3) Society’s Breakthrough, Chapter 1 (with Nik, Pat, and Melinda—1/12/00)
2) State Auditor (with Brian Sonntag and Dick Shipman—12/14/99)
1) Wisdom Council (with Toni Vincent and Dick Shipman, Concerned Citizens—11/16/99)

Four shows are available for purchase on either video or DVD at $15.00 plus shipping.

#51 Understanding Dynamic Facilitation
#57 Community Dialogue -- with the 22minute documentary "Democracy in America"
#41 Healing the Environment
#62 Wise Economics

Also, individual shows are available at $15.00 for the first one + $10.00 per added show. Contact Jean at Jim Rough and Associates.